TaskFalcon - Project planning from a bird's eye view

TaskFalcon was designed to make project planning and tracking easy. The project manager knows best how the project evolves, so it should be easy to tell the tool what happened instead of learning how to bend the project to match the tools needs.

As a side effect, TaskFalcon offers a nice and easy way to create appealing GANTT charts starting from a bunch of time based tasks up to resource backed multi-project schedules with thousands of tasks, hundreds of resources in an environment where multiple project managers can work collaboratively on a plan.

However, with the strength of TaskFalcon being planning and tracking projects, it might be less suitable for you if you’re looking for an accounting/billing tool to charge your customers. And since TaskFalcon is a command line tool, it requires a minimum degree of tech literacy to use it. Please see the warning section in the “Getting Started” manual.

Do you want to learn more? Check out the Tutorial: My First Project.