TaskFalcon Documentation

A TaskFalcon configuration file comprises 5 categories:

  1. Project settings
    Contains general project settings, like name and start date

  2. Tasks
    Contains a hierarchical breakdown of tasks, task-groups and milestones of your project

  3. Resources
    For scheduling and tracking projects, which are estimated with efforts for each task, you need to configure project resources. Resources can be human resources as well as tools, which need to be available to complete a task.

  4. Updates
    Updates allow you to incrementally track projects. Whenever something changes in your project, you can add another Update entry, so TaskFalcon can assist you to plan ahead, see resource deficiencies and milestones at risk.

  5. Imports
    Imports can read other project files and merge them as a sub-project into the current file. With this statement you can easily manage multiple projects while keeping track of shared resources.