Before getting started with TaskFalcon, please check if TaskFalcon is the right tool for you:

If this didn’t scare you off, please follow the next steps:

Visual Studio Code Extension

Starting with TaskFalcon 0.9.9, you can use TaskFalcon via a Visual Studio Code extension.

This has a couple of advantages:

Using the TaskFalcon extension for Visual Studio Code requires a working installation of Visual Studio Code. Follow the instructions on the Visual Studio Code download page.

In Visual Studio Code, open the Extensions activity (on the left icon bar) and search for TaskFalcon. Select the TaskFalcon extension and click on Install.

To activate the extension, you need to click on the new TaskFalcon icon down on the activity bar. Then you need to open your TaskFalcon project file and click on Set active project.

Create New Project

Manual installation

Step 1: Download

Download the TaskFalcon binary from the download page.

Step 2: Install

Currently, there is no installer provided with TaskFalcon. Just unzip the downloaded file and you’re good to go.

Since TaskFalcon is a command line utility, you might want to put it in your path, so you don’t have to type the whole path to the TaskFalcon executable every time you want to run TaskFalcon.

Step 4: Go through the “Getting Started” documentation

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